Microsoft Edge now allows you to use the Bing chatbot on any web page

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Not only will we find a shortcut to the new Bing from the Windows 11 search bar, but we will also see it constantly in the Microsoft web browser.

Yes, if you use Microsoft Edge, it will be easier for you to consult the Bing chatbot, since you will have it integrated into your sidebar. And from this modality, you will not only be able to use it as a chat, but other functions will also be integrated. We tell you what it is about.

How to use the Bing chatbot on any web page

When the Microsoft team introduced the new Bing, they gave us a preview of all the features the chatbot could offer. Functions that would not only be available from the Bing page, but would also be added to the Edge sidebar.

If you have the latest version of Microsoft Edge, you will see that at the top the Bing icon to open the chatbot is added in the sidebar. That is, you can use the chatbot on any web page you are on, without having to go to the main Bing page.

The dynamic is the same as we know, although the idea is to give the chatbot context to help with different tasks based on the content of the web page. For example, you have the option to “rewrite text together” just by selecting a piece of text from the current web page.

An option that will only be available when you give the necessary permissions so that it can access the content of the web browser. On the other hand, in the same bar the “Compose” tab is added so that you can create content or publications taking into account different formats and tones. For example, an email, a blog entry, organizing ideas, etc.

And of course, you can use it the traditional way. You can ask a question or set a slogan to the chatbot, and choose one of its modes to customize the tone of the answers, among other options.


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