Microsoft Edge Dev 113 Released With Option To Hide Bing AI Button, Wallpaper Center And More

Microsoft Edge Dev 113 Released With Option To Hide Bing AI Button, Wallpaper Center And More
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Microsoft Edge Dev is finally getting an update with several new features in version 113. Among them we highlight the option to remove the Bing AI Chat button from the taskbar, filters for the address bar and much more.

Starting with the main new feature, it is now possible to remove the Bing AI chat button that was introduced in early February in the desktop version of the browser with the launch of Bing integrated with ChatGPT.

To deactivate the button just access:

Settings > Sidebar > App & Notification Settings > Discover > Show Discovery

However, it is worth mentioning that disabling this function will only allow you to access the Edge sidebar if it is always active in the settings under Customize the sidebar > Always show the sidebar.

Image: TechSmart/Reproduction

Continuing with the news, Edge Dev 113 brings new tools for image editing via context menu and visual search, filters in the address bar and a new Wallpaper Center in the Android version.

Microsoft is also implementing new policies for enterprise customers including EdgeLockedViewModeEnabled, PDFRestoreViewpolicy to disable quick edit menu on iOS, to show downloads button in taskbar and much more.

Microsoft Edge Dev 113 also brings several fixes for crashes when launching the browser, removing a site from the sidebar, creating a new workspace, playing videos, ungrouping tabs, opening the bookmarks menu in InPrivate browsing and many others for both the version for desktop as well as for Android and iOS.

You can check out the full list of bugs fixed on the Microsoft Community:

  • Microsoft Edge Dev 113 Release Notes – Access
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