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Microsoft Edge already allows blocking the automatic playback of multimedia content on the web: this is how you can activate it

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Microsoft <a class="mbr-tags-link" href="https://voonze.com/tag/edge/">edge</a> already allows blocking the <a class="mbr-tags-link" href="https://voonze.com/tag/automatic/">automatic</a> playback of multimedia <a class="mbr-tags-link" href="https://voonze.com/tag/content/">content</a> on the web: this is how you can <a class="mbr-tags-link" href="https://voonze.com/tag/activate/">activate</a> it

The Chromium-based Edge browser acquires a new feature again and as in other cases, we can enable it through the “flags” function. An improvement that allows us to control the automatic playback of videos on the web pages we visit.

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There are few times that a video playback starts automatically, something that affects the consumption of resources but also data, something that we especially value when we are not using Wi-Fi. Something that we can control just by following these steps.

Canceling autoplay

  Autoplay Limit Default Setting 2

And it is that although by default, the new Microsoft Edge automatically plays multimedia content automatically, now we can disable it in the sites that we want.

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Change accessible for now in the Canary version of Edge present in those that have or use version 91.0.841.0 or higher.


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The new improvement can be applied through the well-known “flags” menu. In the task bar we write “edge: // flags” and in the search box we write Autoplay Limit Default Setting. In the activation box we mark “Enabled”.

  Autoplay Limit Default Setting 3

  Autoplay Limit Default Setting4

In this way and when enabled, all videos will be played automatically with sound. If, on the other hand, we have marked the option “Disabled”, no content will play automatically in the sites that we have already visited at some point.

Of course, after activating this option some web pages may not work properly, so if you experience any failure, simply revert the changes and change the option to “Enabled” again.

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