Microsoft discloses the number of Xbox Series S and X sold

Xbox Game Showcase has confirmed date and will bring Starfield Direct
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A Microsoft revealed this week during the BIG Festival 2023, an event that is held in São Paulo, the amount of Xbox Series S and X sold in total. Apparently, the company would have disclosed the market data accidentally.

According to an image captured during a Microsoft presentation, current generation Xbox consoles have sold over 21 million units to date. For comparison, the Xbox One sold around 58 million.

Another interesting data that the company’s slide brought is that about 48% of new people in the Xbox ecosystem entered through the Series S console, the most accessible and compact, which behaves as a good cost-effective option.

The Xbox app has a total of 15.6 million monthly active users. The presence of players on the Windows platform is 248.6 million active units for games, which justifies the attention that Microsoft gives to PCs as a gaming option.

It is worth noting that Microsoft does not usually release official sales figures. ANDn an increasingly competitive market, the Xbox Series S and X competes for preference of gamers with Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch.

Despite the significant numbers of 21 million units of Xbox Series S and X, the Sony revealed in January this year that the PS5 has crossed the 30 million mark. Some predictions indicate that the PlayStation 5 may have reached 40 million in April.

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