Microsoft Could “Put Sony Out of Market,” Says Xbox Brand Boss

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It seems that the Microsoft was getting ready totake Sony out of business“. Or at least, that’s what an email sent in 2019 by the head of the brand himself indicates xbox, Matt Booty. Displayed by the portal The Vergethe message sent by the executive was part of the discussion involving the company’s future plans for the coming years.

According to the sources, this debate involved the ways to strengthen Xbox Game Pass. Now, that email has surfaced amid the Windows owner’s current case with the FTC regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Including other messages revealed that the company considered acquiring companies like Sega and Bungie to strengthen the cloud gaming service.

Perhaps, the impression of taking Sony out of the market is a little exaggerated in relation to the fact. But something that becomes clearer with this scenario is Microsoft’s intention to prevent Sony from becoming a kind of “Disney of games”. Additionally, the email message shows the following details:

If we think that video game content is important in 10 years, we can look back and say that “it would have been worth losing $2 billion or $3 billion to avoid a situation where Tencent, Google, Amazon or even Sony became the Disney of games and has the most valuable content

With that, it is noted that the idea of ​​the company was to boost Game Pass a lot. On the other hand, Microsoft itself even claimed that it did not follow through with these plans and the emails are from a time before the acquisition of Activision. Finally, check out the details about Bethesda’s purchase by the company that aimed to prevent Starfield’s PlayStation exclusivity.

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