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Microsoft could add games to Teams to share between coworkers

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Microsoft could add a new novelty to Teams, which moves away from its functions dedicated to productivity and teamwork.

So that not everything is work, and the work groups can relax, they could have a series of casual games to pass the time.

Games could come to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has tons of features that make it easy to run a hybrid work model or use it as a tool for online classes. And soon, Microsoft may add other new features to Teams that will allow users to take a five-minute break and relax with their colleagues.

As The Verge mentions, the Microsoft team is working on bringing games to Teams. We could see games like Connect 4, Wordament or the famous Solitaire.

Although it is far from the functions and tools that we have seen in the latest releases of Microsoft Teams, these casual games aim to improve the user experience, offering a way to share a pleasant moment with your co-workers, beyond the activities of equipment.

So you will be able to play a game with your companions during meetings, either while waiting for the time of an event, the arrival of a companion, etc.

And if you are one of those who take five minutes in the middle of the morning to distract yourself from work, this dynamic that Teams proposes will be useful to you. Instead of turning to other apps or websites for quick games, you’ll have a few options within Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft team has not commented on this issue, so it could only remain as an internal test, and never be officially implemented in Teams. Last year, Microsoft shared some of its plans to bring immersive Teams experiences with virtual meeting spaces, as it explores how the metaverse could change workgroup dynamics.

So to think that Microsoft Teams could have some game proposals within its characteristics is nothing out of the ordinary. We will have to wait to see the future updates of Teams.

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