Microsoft Copilot just arrived on Android: free GPT-4 and goodbye to the Bing Chat brand

microsoft copilot just arrived on android free gpt 4 and goodbye.webp.webp.webp
microsoft copilot just arrived on android free gpt 4 and goodbye.webp.webp.webp
2023 has been the year of artificial intelligence, and of course, has landed on our Android phones in different forms and services. On the one hand, we already have the official ChatGPT application, at the same time that Google Bard landed in its web version (we are still waiting for an Android app and its merger with Assistant).

However, one of the most popular is Microsoft Copilot, which debuted at the beginning of the year with its original name: Bing Chat. The alliance between OpenAI and Microsoft allows us to use the chatbot even from the launcher. Now, the Redmond giant has launched a new app which gives it the new name and, incidentally, makes us forget about the Bing app.

Goodbye Bing Chat. Hello Microsoft Copilot

Until now, to access the OpenAI GPT-4 model We had two possible ways: one, pay for ChatGPT Plus, second, use the language model in Bing Chat. This second service was born from the collaboration between OpenAI and Microsoft, but after adding it to different products of the American company such as Windows, was renamed Copilot.

Microsoft Copilot Android

Now, Microsoft has quietly launched a new Android application that goes by the same name: Microsoft Copilot. This offers us a interface similar to the Bing appIn fact, it comes to complement it. Microsoft’s search app contained many other features, focused on search capabilities.

But now it will not be necessary to use this to chat with the artificial intelligence bot. Microsoft Copilot is available in the Google Play Store, and allows us to select between the default version (GPT-3.5) or the most recent (GPT-4). It has been discovered by the media Neowinand it has been available for almost a week.

Microsoft’s Copilot comes to Android to take on its competitors, such as the ChatGPT application itself, which arrived a few months ago. Therefore, in addition to answering questions of any kind, it is also capable of generate images with the DALL-E 3 model.

The main difference with the previous application, that of Bing, is that here We do not have search functions available, as well as the news carousel or the application gallery of the technological giant. It is, so to speak, a minimized application for all users who only want to use the chatbot.

On the other hand, take the opportunity to highlight the new name and abandon the old brand: it’s not called Bing Chat, it’s called Copilot. This independent experience The search engine appears in the same way in our browser, accessed from the next link.

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The launch of this mobile application seems natural and even logical, although it may cause some confusion with the name change. Now, we have the Copilot experiencetotally independent, without having to go through the Bing app that adds other functionalities that may not interest us.

Microsoft Copilot

Welcome to Microsoft Copilot, your daily AI companion.

Via | The Verge

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