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Microsoft brings back SwiftKey on iOS “by popular demand”

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It was with the release of iOS 8 in 2014 that iPhone users were given the ability to install and use third-party keyboards instead of the system’s native keyboard.

This has allowed options that existed until then exclusively for Android to also have a version for iOS users, including SwiftKey, an option that became quite popular, and which was acquired by Microsoft in 2016.

Return of an application that should not have been removed

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At the end of last September we learned that the company decided to remove SwiftKey for iOS at the beginning of last October, as it finally happened, so since then it has only remained on the devices of those who have kept it installed before. .

Microsoft has wanted to focus SwiftKey for Android and Windows, with the commitment to invest efforts for these platforms. Now, unexpectedly, almost like a Christmas movie, Microsoft has chosen to bring it back to iOS users.

Of course, Microsoft has chosen to bring the version of August 11, 2021, a version that already seems old, and about which many users have complained about stability problems and errors, so we will have to wait if the company It proposes launching new versions, as it will be the most correct, and if so, when they will begin to arrive.

The return to the App Store, and therefore, to iOS users, is motivated, as mentioned by Pedram Rezaei, CTO of Microsoft, in a couple of tweetsby popular demand, adding in general that the company is investing a lot in it.

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Those who want to give it a try can already get it again by going to the App Store. It is already a matter of these investments materializing in new versions for iOS that bring it up to date in terms of benefits and stability and security improvements.

Despite taking quite into account the opinions of the users in the different products and services, in this case it seems that it has acted behind their backs, although the pressure of the users has allowed one of the alternatives to the serial keyboard to be brought back. for iOS.

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