Microsoft brings AI to this well-known photography application

microsoft brings ai to this well known photography application.png
microsoft brings ai to this well known photography application.png

image of a microsoft edition

Artificial Intelligence continues to be increasingly present in a growing number of applications. This time, it’s Microsoft’s turn. Thanks to its latest innovation, it allows users to edit their photos in a matter of seconds without the need for advanced knowledge. And, furthermore, it is an update that will reach users of both Windows 10 and Windows 11. We will tell you all the details.


Aware that to carry out a good job of photography editing It is necessary to have certain knowledge, Microsoft has decided to make use of the Artificial intelligence to simplify this process as much as possible.

From now on, Windows Photos users will be able to use the generative erase that you just implemented in the application. Taking a step further in the features and possibilities offered by one of the most used Windows applications.

Generative erase

From now on, the user will have maximum control over all their photographs to be able to completely adapt them to their taste. With the generative deletion function, it will be as simple as using the “Spot Fix” tool to, through it, select what are those areas of photography that we want to delete to give greater prominence to the main object.


With this novelty, we will be able to carry out the editing any photo in a matter of seconds, having the option to delete elements that we do not want to be in the image, regardless of whether they are in the background or foreground. Windows claims that this new functionality will have very different results from the specific corrections that it could already make, since everything looks much more fluid, even if large areas are deleted, as demonstrated by the image we can see below.

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image of a microsoft edition

How to activate it

Generative erase is located within the image editing menu. We have to click on “Edit image” at the top and select the “delete” option. Once we have the brush on the cursor, We must select the objects or areas of them that we want to eliminate and then adapt the size of the cursor to the object in question, to avoid deleting areas of the image that we do not want to disappear.

The image will automatically be edited and will take the background of the object to fill in the space that we have deleted. According to the results that Microsoft has shown, and which can be consulted from this same link, the quality of the results obtained stands out.

Microsoft has stated that all the functions it has implemented with Artificial Intelligence in the photos application in recent months, They will be available in Windows 11 for Arm64 devices. In addition, he also wanted to highlight that, for the first time, Windows 10 will receive all the new AI editions that until now were only available only on Windows 11: such as the option to blur background or remove and replace background.

The Redmond company is going to carry out a phased deployment of this update. At first, it will deploy to all users Windows Insider, the open testing program that allows Microsoft users to test new features before their final deployment. As its good results are confirmed, this new feature will generally land on all Microsoft users.

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