Microsoft begins installing the Copilot application in Windows 11 without permission

microsoft begins installing the copilot application in windows 11 without permission
microsoft begins installing the copilot application in windows 11 without permission

Microsoft’s plans are to get Copilot on as many computers as possible . And it is clear that, given what they have seen, they are not going to stop until they achieve it. In this case, it is discovered that the company is installing the software app on Windows 11 computers without permission. What are their plans?

On Microsoft’s part, it was recently announced that they are bringing the icon of their AI app to users’ toolbars. And although one might have imagined that the company’s plans ended there, the truth is that there is something else that has been discovered by a group of specialists. This is the installation of the Copilot app , which is already reaching Windows computers.

Hidden, but installed in Windows 11

This is how the application in question of the Copilot AI is found. It has been discovered by the Deskmodder team, who investigating their computer files have found this tool that appears installed in the memory of computers with Windows 11. The good news, at least for now, is that the app does not seem to do anything. It doesn’t even work to run Copilot. However, this could be something that changes at a later date.

If Microsoft is introducing the application to Windows computers, it is logical to imagine that, sooner or later, they intend to use it to extend the presence of their artificial intelligence. They also mention something curious , and that is that the app is not displayed in the list of applications installed on the computer until the latest available update of the Microsoft Edge browser is made.

It takes up almost no space

As we indicated, it is very clear that what Microsoft is doing is leaving the breadcrumbs so that you can then download the complete application to your computer when it is available. For now, even if the app has been added to your computer, if you take a look at its features, you will find that it weighs only 8 KB . So right now it’s more of an icon than an app.

In Spain, taking into account that we have not yet received the release of Copilot, the application may not install. It is not happening on all computers either, so it would be a matter of checking it computer by computer to reach a conclusion. If you want to try to see if you have it, what you should do is go into Settings , then go to the Applications option and filter them by date to see which is the last one that has been installed. If you are curious to see if you have it at a more advanced level, update Edge in case what they mentioned ends up being the answer.

It should be mentioned that it is possible to uninstall the application if you do not want it on your system, although we have the feeling that, in the end, Microsoft will reinstall it in the future. In the review they have done from Deskmodder they say that they have found files associated with the app , such as AppxManifest.xml, which includes information about its compatibility. Thus we see that it works both on computers with Windows 10 and on those that have, in the future, Windows The latter could be a clue as to when the company is thinking about activating this app, although it should not be taken as something definitive either.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has used a technique like this to get users to install or use an app or service they want to push. With Copilot, in a way, the situation is being slightly extreme, since it can be seen how the entity wants to push the use of AI by all possible means. We will have to see what happens in the coming months.


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