Microsoft Authenticator is no longer available on Apple Watch


Apparently Microsoft has decided to End support for Microsoft Authenticator for Apple Watch, as it quietly reports on its support page (in SOURCE). This means that you will no longer be able to conveniently access linked accounts using only your wearable device. The stop already comes from the current month given that the end of the support coincided with the end of January and in fact this information was already leaked in December by MacRumorswho had shared the first details.

Microsoft first introduced Authenticator for Apple Watch in 2018, and it has proven itself early on in simplifying multiple sign-in with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Was very useful on Apple Watch, since frustrated the switch in the Microsoft Authenticator app on the phoneswitching to faster access via a simple notification on the watch.

The first news relating to the stop dates back to last December but to today the reasons that led Microsoft to this decision are not clear. It is vaguely said that there may be some compatibility problem, but in fact it is not understood what specific led to this conclusion.

There have been other famous cases in the past of apps that have lost “wrist” support, such as Pokémon Go, Uber, Instagram and many others, demonstrating that not all services have seen a real benefit, or do not believe there can be , from an extension of applications also on smartwatches.

And yet, as long as we were talking about games or social applications, it could have been postponed, but in the case of Authenticator we are dealing with a very useful application, which many will certainly miss.

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