Microsoft announces this historic change that affects thousands of users around the world

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Microsoft takes another step in security and establishes a three-year plan to stop offering third-party drivers for printers through Windows Update.

Historically, when we had to install or update printer drivers connected to our computer, we only had to go to Windows Update to access them. This panel allowed us to avoid having to go to the manufacturer’s website or get lost on the Internet looking for the specific drivers for our printer model. Third-party drivers, therefore, have always been in both the current Windows 11 and in all operating system versions that have been breaking out during previous years.

Just a few hours ago, Microsoft announced that this function was going to stop being available in Windows 10, in Windows 11 and in future versions. Introducing a historic change that obeys a single objective: to guarantee the security of our computers, avoiding the need to install any file that has not gone through previous Microsoft controls.

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Strengthening the security of your equipment

If third-party drivers are no longer going to be available, how will we be able to continue configuring our new peripherals? This is one of the doubts that has arisen among all Microsoft community members. However, the answer is very simple: from now on, all users will have to use the service that was inaugurated a few years ago, called Mopria.

This is a new standard that prevents us from having to carry out no type of installation to start using any of our printers. From the moment we connect a printer, Mopria will detect it so we can start printing or scanning from the first moment.

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Those manufacturers who, despite this, are interested in offering their consumers their specific drivers, They must place them on their website or in the relevant repository so that they can be downloaded. However, Microsoft will not allow its installation to be carried out through Windows Update, so the risk assumed by downloading any file from the Internet that does not comply with Microsoft standards will be entirely the responsibility of each consumer.

For its part, Microsoft did want to make it clear that all printer drivers that have already been released on the market can be installed on the PC even after the service ends.

Centralizing control at Microsoft

This movement is due to Microsoft goal to provide a safer environment to all its consumers, having greater control over the content they download to ensure that the company’s security policies are respected. Following this same line, Microsoft is also seeking to ensure that all the applications that are necessary so that the printer can offer an extra experience to users, are 100% integrated within the Microsoft Store. It is not possible to download it in parallel for the reasons mentioned previously.

With the intention that both manufacturers and users prepare for this change, Microsoft has designed a chronological order that will be distributed in three stages. In 2025 they will stop distribute drivers through Windows Update, in 2026 the highest priority will be given to Mopria and in 2027 third-party drivers will no longer be updated except for those that have a direct impact on everything that has to do with user security.

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