Microsoft announces that Edge VPN will have a new monthly limit of 5 GB

Microsoft announces that Edge VPN will have a new monthly limit of 5 GB
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Microsoft Edge has been receiving updates to attract new users and, among the novelties, Edge’s integrated VPN, created in partnership with Cloudflare, has piqued the interest of some people. With it, it is possible to obtain more security and privacy during navigation, from the data encryption and IP address spoofing.

Previously, Microsoft offered 1 GB of free traffic per month, but now it will allow all users have access to 5 GB monthly. The company’s recommendation is not to leave the Edge VPN activated all the time, so the resources can be better used throughout the month.

You must have a Microsoft account set up in your browser to use Edge VPN. The data limit is applied to the account and applies across all devices where the account is set up.

Edge VPN focuses on providing security and privacy when accessing unsecured or public networks. In addition, Microsoft does not allow users to choose the servers to which they connect, that is, there is no option to connect to different countries, as with conventional VPNs.


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