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Microsoft announces improvements to the Windows update process

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Microsoft has started the rollout of Windows 11 22H2, the first major update for its brand new operating system. And, apart from the new features of this version, it is precisely in the update process where users should begin to notice the improvements.

In essence, any Windows user knows what it means to apply system updates, let alone when it comes to a major update, as is the case. Even with the luck that everything goes well and there are no problems arising from the process or from the new packages, just how long they take is already an ordeal that does not come from now, but from many years ago.

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At Microsoft they are aware of this and the intention with this version of Windows is to reduce the problems derived from updates, for which different solutions have been proposed over time, including abandoning the two semi-annual updates and , later, integrating the “Update Stack Packages”, or “Stacked Update Packages”, a reformulation of the update process that should mitigate, on the one hand, speed up the deployment of annual updates and, on the other, reduce the problems that these generate.

Now, in addition, Microsoft is highlighting two additional improvements to the update process of the system that will benefit both the major updates such as the one at hand, as well as the monthly maintenance updates that Windows receives, according to the information collected in Neowin.

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First, Microsoft points to a significant reduction in the size of updates, which should obviously result in faster installations. For general updates, the reduction would be almost 450 GB, almost half a gig depending on the installation, while for monthly updates the cut would be equally considerable, around a third of the ordinary size.

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The second improvement is of a different type and refers to climate change carbon footprint reduction, since Windows will prioritize the times of the day when renewable energy sources are being used the most, to offer its updates. So Windows Update will only need to play the cumbayá for the user to levitate… as long as the promised performance improvements are met. On the contrary…

And it is that the Windows update process, as we have repeated, has traditionally been an ordeal that has improved very little over the years.

Be that as it may, if you are waiting for the Windows 11 22H2 update, you should be the one to look for it in Windows Update. Still on Windows 10? So things do not depend so much on your intention, but on the characteristics of your computer in relation to the requirements set by Microsoft for the update to Windows 11. Remember that you have the PC Health Check tool at your disposal to tell you if you can, or not. .

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Of course, you may also want to stay on Windows 10 until support runs out, which will happen in principle in 2025, taking advantage of the fact that the system is finer than ever.

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