Microsoft and AI: Bing, Skype and Microsoft Edge on iOS.

microsoft with chatgpt.jpg
microsoft with chatgpt.jpg

Microsoft and AI hand in hand, this company continues to experiment and develop its ChatGPT chatbot, which is already in the Bing, Skype and Microsoft Edge mobile applications on iOS and Android

The IT company today announced the launch of new Bing, Skype and Edge apps for iPhone and iPad that include all the AI-powered chatbot search capabilities.

This company started integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into Bing and Edge products in early February.

However, Microsoft continues to promote ChatGPT-based search, this time on mobile devices.

Microsoft and AI statement.

“Knowing that 64% of searches are done on mobile, we are launching new Bing and Edge mobile apps that act as web co-pilots even when you are away from your computer”says Microsoft in the press release.

Microsoft and AI: Bing, Skype and Microsoft Edge


The Bing mobile app has been redesigned, with a new look and a new chat feature.

Tapping the Bing icon at the bottom of the app opens a chat session where users can ask the Bing chatbot simple or complex questions.

For its part, the answers can be displayed in the form of bullets, text or simplified answers.

Like the desktop version of Bing, the mobile version allows for complex search queries that can help plan a trip or find a TV.

Microsoft allows users to refine searches by asking for more detail, clarity, and ideas.

Bing can also take on creative tasks like writing an email, composing a poem, creating a quiz for trivia night, preparing for a job interview, and much more.

Starting Wednesday, users of the Bing mobile app with preview access will be able to tap the Bing icon at the bottom of the screen and start a chat session. Resolving doubts with question and answer interaction.


Microsoft has also added a voice search feature, and the Bing experience is available on the home screen of the Microsoft Edge mobile app.

Skype also participates in ChatGPT. Starting Wednesday, preview users will be able to add Bing to group chats.

This will allow the group to ask questions to the Bing chat agent, who will answer for the entire group.

In addition to the AI ​​updates in the Bing and Microsoft Edge apps, Microsoft is revamping the Skype for iOS app to add AI search to Bing.

According to Microsoft, the Bing integration will offer “Fun and useful new scenarios and features.”

For example, a group of Skype users can add Bing to their group to answer questions and provide information to the entire group, which is useful when planning a trip.

When meeting with friends, Bing can provide information from the web by displaying text in different ways.

Microsoft and AI: Availability of Bing, Skype and Microsoft Edge.

Updated Bing, Skype, and Microsoft Edge apps are available as previews to Bing Preview users worldwide.

Microsoft reports that there may be bandwidth issues for a few days, but is working on a fix.

Microsoft continues to provide access to Bing Preview “as soon as possible” and has a waiting list.

Those who want to try out the new Bing and Skype chatbot should sign up for the preview on the Bing website.