Microsoft: AI and Windows in the Cloud hold a prominent place in the future of the firm

microsoft ai and windows in the cloud hold a prominent.jpg
microsoft ai and windows in the cloud hold a prominent.jpg

Microsoft had to reveal its future plans to the FTC during the Activision-Blizzard takeover hearings. If we don’t learn anything about the biggest commercial operation in the world of video games, we discover that in the future, Windows will apparently rhyme with Cloud.

Windows 11
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The future of the merger acquisition of Microsoft-Activision/Blizzard is currently being played out before the US Federal Trade Commission. In this context, the Redmond firm was forced to lift the veil on its commercial policy. Revelations that let us know the company’s plans for Windows 11.

According to the documents obtained The VergeIt seems like the future of Microsoft’s PC operating system will be in the cloud. Deporting your OS to the Cloud would allow owners of less powerful or incompatible PC computers (Macs, at random) to enjoy the benefits of Microsoft’s OS, whether we are talking about Windows 11 or Windows 12. Thus, according to The Verge, an internal Microsoft presentation from June 2022 discusses the development of Windows 365.

Microsoft wants to generalize the use of Windows through the Cloud

The firm is therefore focusing its efforts on creating systems based on Windows 365 PC Cloud, a service allowing “streaming of your Windows experience (including your personalized applications, content and settings) from Microsoft Cloud using the device of your choice, in complete safety”. If, for the time being, this service is only accessible to professional users, it seems almost obvious that Microsoft is now targeting individuals who do not have a powerful enough PC to run Windows 11 locally, or Mac owners.

The documents disclosed during the trial also tell us that Apple’s success with its Apple Silicon M1 or M2 chips has whetted Microsoft’s appetite. Its CEO, Satya Nadella, has been considering designing in-house processors for some time. Microsoft’s chips would be based on an ARM architecture and they could also contain a dedicated AI processor. The presentation made to the FTC confirms that Artificial Intelligence is a major area of ​​development for the company. Windows 11 will soon be enriched with a Copilot, whose AI should increase the productivity of users of the operating system.

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