Microsoft admits that Xbox has already “lost the console wars”

Microsoft admits that Xbox has already
microsoft admits that xbox has already lost the console wars.jpeg

The legal battle between Sony and Microsoft is increasingly heated, thanks to the judgment of the Federal Trade Commission on the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen some pretty controversial statements from both companies, but this week, Microsoft caused controversy by declaring that it believes the Xbox brand has already “lost the console wars”.

Since the 1990s, “console wars” have been an ongoing term used to describe rival hardware manufacturers in the video game industry. While Sega and Nintendo were the most prominent companies involved in this battle, over the past two decades, the main players in this war have been Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Now, Microsoft says it believes it has clearly lost this alleged battle between each company, as it remains in last place.

As mentioned in a new document that Microsoft filed this morning as part of its battle with the FTC, the company behind the Xbox brand has admitted that it sees itself behind Nintendo and Sony when it comes to hardware sales. Microsoft said that since it entered the video game market in 2001, it has lagged behind its competitors with each new console generation. He also said that Sony’s PlayStation brand is the “dominant player in consoles” when looking at US and worldwide sales.

Xbox lost the console wars and its rivals are poised to stay on top, including taking advantage of exclusive content. Xbox has consistently ranked third in consoles behind PlayStation and Nintendo.

In a way, it’s odd to see Microsoft admit its shortcomings when it comes to hardware sales. Then again, Xbox as a company hasn’t just focused on majority selling consoles in recent years. Instead, the Xbox brand has tried to expand the reach of its games not just on consoles, but also on PCs and mobile devices via the cloud. As such, this statement by Microsoft is an attempt to make the company look weak and get regulatory approval for the merger with Activision Blizzard.

Did you imagine Microsoft admitting defeat so publicly?

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