Microsoft adds task detection to SwiftKey to instantly upload tasks to ToDo

One of the latest additions to the SwiftKey keyboard is aimed at those who use Microsoft ToDo as their preferred to-do list: it is no longer necessary to click on the ToDo icon to add a task, the keyboard itself can identify it according to what is typed.

Since we have relegated most of our memory to our phone, the best way for us not to forget to do something is, precisely, using the phone. The assistants offer practical reminders that are activated by voice, although nothing better than using an app dedicated to properly managing “ToDo” what is pending. The Microsoft application combines simplicity and remarkable power. And integration, an also important point.

Add tasks directly from the SwiftKey keyboard

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Capture tasks from clipboard

Imagine that you are talking to one of your friends through WhatsApp and something to do comes up, like meeting at the cafeteria after work. The most common would be to open the task app or the agenda to add that event. But, in case you use SwiftKey, you can directly add the task to Microsoft ToDo thanks to the button that appears on the top line of the keyboard.

The button has been on the keyboard for a while, but Microsoft decided to go a step further: thanks to the company’s AI, SwiftKey can identify when there is an implicit task in the typed text so suggest the user to add it to their list. Automatically and without the need to press the ToDo button.

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As published by Microsoft itself, SwiftKey has enhanced ToDo integration to make adding tasks more convenient and automatic. And in three different ways: by clicking on the button, capturing the clipboard or productively after detecting that a pending task underlies the text.

ToDo is now available within Swiftkey for Android: once the tasks are added from SwiftKey they remain in the ToDo list. From the keyboard you can neither edit nor complete what has been added, for that you will always need the Microsoft ToDo app.

With this novelty SwiftKey gains in functionality and versatility; in exchange for getting heavier and heavier (like Gboard). If you want to try the integration of the tasks in the keyboard, just install the latest beta of SwiftKey.

Microsoft SwiftKey Beta

Microsoft SwiftKey Beta

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