Microsoft acknowledges a problem in the latest Windows 11 update

microsoft acknowledges a problem in the latest windows 11 update.jpg
microsoft acknowledges a problem in the latest windows 11 update.jpg

Error on computer screen

Microsoft, which is increasingly communicative regarding errors in the Windows 11 operating system, has published a message on its website where recognize one of the problems which presents the latest version of the platform.

It’s very positive to see that these types of errors are quickly publicly acknowledged and that Microsoft informs users so they are aware of what is happening. In this specific case, the problem with Windows 11 in its 23H2 version it occurs in those situations in which the installation is carried out in two ways: through external devices or with a file in ISO format.

Problems with the Narrator feature

Among the Windows 11 accessibility tools, Narrator is one of the most popular among users of the operating system. With it it is possible to read the text that appears on the screen, which is very useful for people who have reading problems.

Starting the Windows 11 Narrator feature

In the cases we have mentioned, when installing Windows 11 the Narrator function is not available. it’s possible activate it through the traditional method, by pressing Ctrl + the Windows key + Enter, but although it is also activated in these cases, it does not work afterwards. The system simply does not respond. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no solution, although Microsoft has said that they are working on it, so it is possible that it will end up being solved soon.

Alternatives and news

Taking into account that the problem only occurs with the installation of version 23H2 through the two methods mentioned, the most advisable alternative is to try to go through this process by using Windows Update. In this type of case there will not be any type of problem although, of course, it is necessary that, to do so, the operating system is already installed on the computer.

Many users prefer to do platform updates through ISO or with a USB memory device because it offers a higher level of customization. It is also something recurring in those who have several computers and prefer to have a memory in which to carry the platform to update it comfortably. As it is aware of this and, as we mentioned, Microsoft is already working to find a solution.

Updating the operating system with a USB memory

Interestingly, with Windows 11 in update 23H2, the Narrator feature has received new features. Some small bugs have been fixed and improvements have also been made, such as a wide selection of additional natural voices in different languages. At the same time, the use of the tool has been simplified to provide greater ease in some specific tools, such as Excel or email management through Outlook. For these programs, extensions have been added that simplify interaction with Narrator so that users’ daily lives can be a little easier.

For their part, natural voices have the particularity of helping users enjoy a better understanding of what is being read compared to what appears on the screen. Expressions and a modern way of speaking are used that help make the process more fluid. In Spanish there are three different natural voices: Pablo, with a male voice, and Helena and Laura with female voices. Little by little, as has happened with this latest version of Windows, Microsoft is adding more voices so that people from more countries have the opportunity to select one that fits their preferences.

Waiting for a solution to a computer problem

Users who do not want to have Windows 11 without Narrator function and who cannot install version 23H2 from Windows Update, they should wait to update and continue using one of the previous versions in the meantime. As stated, it shouldn’t be long until there is a general solution to the problem.

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