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microSDXC: The first memory cards with 2 TB are coming

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Kioxia has the first memory card prototypes based on the microSDXC standard with a capacity of 2 TB. Series production is already planned.

From 2023, the first 2 TB micro SD memory cards based on the microSDXC standard will hit the market. Kioxia has already produced pre-series cards – mass production is scheduled to begin next year.

The SD Association (SDA) adopted the microSDXC specification in 2009 and even in that version provided for memory cards with a capacity of 2 TB. So far, however, no manufacturer has been able to produce memory components that are compact enough to achieve the required storage density. Only a handful of CFexpress cards are currently available with 2 TB.

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Kioxia now uses 16 stacked memory dies, each with a capacity of 1 terabit, combined with a self-designed controller. The NAND flash memory comes from our own production (called BiCS Flash). Kioxia does not give any details in the announcement, but the company has previously announced 1 Tbit dies with TLC technology that store 3 bits per cell (triple level cells). Kioxia’s QLC devices have a capacity of 1.33 Tbit.

The 2 TB cards belong to the Exceria Plus series with a UHS-I interface. The latter allows a maximum transfer rate of 104 MB/s – according to the data sheet, the previous Exceria Plus cards read at up to 100 MB/s and write at up to 85 MB/s. They belong to performance class A1 and are suitable, among other things, for 4K video recordings in cameras.

The memory controllers of many devices already officially support micro SD cards with a capacity of 2 TB, such as Valve’s Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch. 1 TB variants meanwhile cost just under 150 to 250 euros – 2 TB should cost at least twice as much at the start.


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