MiCA & Crypto Regulation: Crypto Investor Implications Assessed

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Some of the big news in the crypto world lately surrounds the EU and the fact they finally passed the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation that has been in the works since it was first introduced in 2020. The legislation will take effect mid-way through 2024 and will mean every EU country will now work under the same regulation when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

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The regulation will mainly focus on protecting investors, combating money laundering, and preventing things like market manipulation and insider trading. In general, it will be a good thing for crypto trading as a single market like this is exactly what the market wants. It is also quite key that some of those protesting that the legislation didn’t go far enough were not successful with their campaigns.

It remains to be seen what exactly the final product will be as amendments to several regulations and directives were voted on and it still needs to go through a process of finalization, but regulation that protects investors from the bad side of crypto but doesn’t go too far subtracting from its decentralized nature should be viewed as a good thing.

What does this mean for investors? 

As we mentioned, it will likely be good news for crypto investors, but we do need to wait it out a bit longer to fully comment either way. However, that being said, there should already be benefits in the short-term and long-term that come with this news.

The crypto market is always waiting for some decent market sentiment to take off every now and then. This will almost certainly be good news for most involved in crypto, so expect renewed vigor in the market, especially from whales that might have been looking for some positive regulation news. A single market in Europe will certainly be good news for them.

Long-term, this will hopefully put pressure on the United States to make similar moves. The SEC has been posturing now for quite some time to crack down on crypto, and there is a worry that it might be used as a political football in the next election.

However, the EU successfully passing a regulation that looks like it will protect investors without being too invasive will hopefully spur on the US government to introduce similar legislation, and hopefully, the SEC can start to back off. 

So, now we know that it might be time to start stocking up our crypto portfolios, which ones should we be looking at?

Wall Street Memes- Presale has raised $2 million after just a few days!

Most people reading this will be already familiar with the Wall Street Memes ($WSM) community which rose to fame after the 2021 gamestop stock fiasco that saw a bunch of Redditors take on wall street. They have a huge following on social media and have successfully sold out their NFT collection in just over 30 minutes in 2021. Well, now they have a meme coin, and people are excited. 

It’s just a few days since the presale began, and already they have raised $2 million. This is the power that a community can have, especially with a meme coin, and the whales are recognizing this as they try to pile in now and get $WSM at the best available price. At this rate, the presale won’t last long, so interested parties should be making movies. You can read the full WSM price prediction here. 

To add more fuel to the fire Elon Musk has interacted with the Wall Street Memes Twitter account and other interactions on the site suggest that one of the few people Elon follows follows the $WSM account. This will mean it is likely he will see a lot of content related to the token. We all know the effect he had on DOGE and SHIB, so the potential Wall street Memes has with their strong community alongside this is immeasurable. Find out how to Buy WSM here.

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AiDoge- The hottest presale on the market right now 

With news like this that should have benefits in the short and long-term, it was always good to focus on coins going through presale. You can get a coin at the lowest price it is likely to be, and then as the market will likely be in a better place once the CEX listings begin, you can watch your investment take off.

AiDoge (Ai) has already surpassed $8 million raised despite the presale only being a matter of weeks old. Whales seem to love that it will be the first crypto to introduce the meme-to-earn concept and that it combines two things that are hot in the market at the moment: Meme coins and AI technology.

The AI will have an encyclopedia knowledge of the crypto market, so will help users create the best memes the internet has ever seen. Then users can earn native currency the better their memes are as a voting system will ensure they receive exposure as well as a monetary reward. Find out how to buy AiDoge here.


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Ecoterra – The green crypto with real-life benefits that should take off soon

Another interesting development in the EU this week was a report came out that showed which countries reduced their greenhouse emissions. It was mostly good news, with only 4 countries not being able to see a decrease. This might seem like an unrelated piece of news, but it is very likely that green regulation will also be a part of the crypto legislation, so there has never been a better time to invest in eco-friendly coins.

Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) is the pick of the bunch going through presale and will likely be the market’s number one coin by the end of the year. The presale is closing in on $4 million raised, and looks like it won’t slow down anytime soon. The main selling point is it actually provides measurable physical benefits to the environment.

Reverse vending machines are the main focus of the project, as they will encourage businesses to buy their own and individuals to use them in partner supermarkets. The Ecoterra app will allow you to scan an item you wish to recycle and then receive a proportional amount of native currency to what you have recycled. Another very cool factor is ECOTERRA can be used to pay for environmental classes and beach clean-ups, among other green initiatives.


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We can not guarantee that the MiCA regulation legislation passing is all good news yet, but it looks good. The single-market nature for crypto now in Europe is definitely good, so we just have to hope the amendments added aren’t too restrictive. It will also hopefully spur the USA on to make similar changes.

With this likely causing a market-wide pump, we think the three cryptos we have mentioned in this piece all have a good chance to provide good returns, and even better, they’re all available at very affordable prices.

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