Mibro O1 arrives at AliExpress with great autonomy, Bluetooth 5.3 and friendly price

Mibro O1 arrives at AliExpress with great autonomy, Bluetooth 5.3 and friendly price
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Looking for a wireless headphone for exercise or even everyday use? The Mibro O1 can be a good option, since the device brings a series of features and its price is its biggest attraction.

With a minimalist and elegant design, the new headset can be used in any environment and its great feature is its stem that firmly holds the device in the ear.

This also makes the Mibro O1 capable of having one of the largest batteries in the category, since we are talking about 800 mAh. According to the manufacturer, the total autonomy can reach 35 hours (7 hours of continuous playback on a single charge).

Image/reproduction: Mibro.

To connect to Android smartphones or even the iPhone, the Mibro O1 has a Bluetooth 5.3 connection, something that allows for a stable connection over greater distances.

Another important highlight is the presence of IPX6 certification to guarantee protection against water or even sweat. That is, something important that is present in this super affordable wireless headset.

And if you like listening to music with good quality audio, the Mibro O1 stands out for having 15.4 mm drivers, and it also offers ENC noise cancellation for phone calls.

Image/reproduction: Mibro.

For those looking for comfort and tired of those rubber headphones that can hurt the ear canal, the Mibro O1 is also a great option. That’s because he doesn’t block the ear canal, allowing for a more comfortable experience in long hours of use.

Want to move on to the next song or just trigger the Google Assistant? Mibro O1 has physical buttons so you can do these operations. That is, no accidental touches caused by sweat.

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Where to buy?

The Mibro O1 is a headphone designed for people who practice sports, but it is also very useful for those simply looking for comfort when listening to music for long hours.

Did you like the proposal of the device? Then take advantage of the launch promotion on AliExpress. The official price is $79.98, but you can buy the Mibro O1 for just $34.99 between April 10th and April 14th.