MGM is up for sale for $ 5 billion later …

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Mgm Cropped 950p.jpg

The Wall Street Journal reports that the MGM film studio is up for sale after years of difficulties. MGM has had trouble selling itself in the past, reportedly because its asking price was too high. The new price was selected in an effort to generate more interest in studios that can be a good home for MGM franchises.

MGM is for sale and I am in conversation with Apple

Apple has maintained conversations with MGM on acquiring the company to expand its television and film catalog. While those conversations went nowhere, this new reasonable price could make the company more attractive. Apple seems to be quite happy with the first full year of original Apple TV + programming, but they have shown their willingness to add existing IP to the service.

James Bond the most popular franchise

Many companies are in the process of rapidly developing new streaming services, so there will surely be great interest in acquiring MGM’s movie studios. Whatever studio or service the company chooses to acquire will garner a massive selection of popular franchises. Some of its biggest names include: James Bond, The Handmaid’s Tale, Terminator, Stargate, The Pink Panther, and The Hobbit. The company also owns the rights to iconic characters like the Addams family, Bill and Ted, Rocky, and Elle Woods from the Legally Blonde series.

Apple acquired Beats in 2014 for $ 3 billion, and that acquisition has proven to be a huge success for the company. $ 5 billion for MGM’s huge portfolio actually seems quite reasonable. It would make perfect sense for Apple to acquire MGM. With one sale they would instantly win tons of beloved classic and new franchises for Apple TV +.

So far the talks have not reached any officer. We hope to see in the coming weeks the final agreement for the purchase of one of the most famous film studios in the world.