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Metaverse Developers Don’t Use Horizon Worlds – Memo Leaks Criticism

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Horizon Worlds is so bad that not even the developers themselves use it, according to an internal memo that appeared shortly before this year’s Connect.

Next week marks the anniversary of the renaming and major announcement of the Metaverse with Meta’s own Event Connect. Almost on time, an internal memo appears stating that the Metaverse app Horizon Worlds is so bad that not even the developers themselves would use it. Vishal Shah, Metaverse boss at Meta, explains that employees will remain in a “quality lockdown” until the problems are fixed and Horizon can be opened up to more people.

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Horizon Worlds is the basis of the Metaverse, so to speak, the virtual world was created there, in which you can walk around as an avatar, provided you have Quest glasses. The memo available to The Verge also states that a mobile and web version will be available soon, but the launch could be postponed given the current situation. “Currently, feedback from creators, users, playtesters, and many others on the team says that the issues, such as stability and bugs, are too severe and making it too difficult for the community to experience the magic of Horizon.”

Most recently, a picture from Horizon Worlds that Mark Zuckerberg posted himself was enough to cause laughter. The graphics were bad, really bad. The meta boss also admitted this and shortly afterwards showed an improved picture with the note that the first one was a hasty shot because you wanted to celebrate a launch. In addition, Zuckerberg also stated that there will be “major updates” for Horizon and the avatars at the upcoming Connect.

This in-house event will take place on October 11, 2022. Last year, the renaming of Facebook to the parent company Meta and the Metaverse as it is currently structured were presented there. Zuckerberg will give an opening speech again this year, and creators, developers and executives should support him, the announcement said. In addition to the innovations in the Metaverse, the new “high-end” VR glasses will also be presented, which are being developed under the name Project Cambria and are said to be explicitly optimized for mixed reality.

Zuckerberg recently showed in a video how he imagines the future in mixed reality – with fencing.

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It is doubtful whether the other problems discussed in the memo will be resolved by next week. This also includes, for example, that the onboarding process is too complicated and confusing. However, the colleagues working on the Metaverse are encouraged to spend much more time in virtual reality themselves. In addition, they should be more open to changes, because their product has not yet found its place in the market. “If you’re involved with Horizon, I need your openness to ambiguity and change.”

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