MetaHuman Animator: The tool that revolutionizes facial animation in video games

Brian Adam

The digital entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and one of the aspects that has advanced the most in recent years is facial animation in video games. More and more realism in the characters is sought, and Epic Games has presented a tool that promises to take facial animation to a new level: MetaHuman Animator.

Now I will explain it to you, but watch the two videos that I put below, mainly the second one:


The new version of MetaHuman, faster and more realistic

In 2021, Epic Games introduced its MetaHuman tool, which made it easy to generate high-quality avatars. However, animating those characters was still a complicated and laborious process. With the new version of the tool, MetaHuman Animator, this is no longer a problem. As reported by The Verge, creators can use motion capture technology to animate facial expressions of hyper-realistic avatars with stunning quality, even with videos shot on smartphones.

A tool accessible to all

One of the most outstanding advantages of MetaHuman Animator is that it is an accessible tool for all types of creators, even those with tighter budgets. While it is true that more sophisticated equipment can be used than a smartphone, the possibility of using low-quality videos demonstrates MetaHuman Animator’s ability to adapt to the needs of video game developers.

A tool powered by machine learning

Vladimir Mastilovic, Vice President of Digital Humans Technology at Epic Games, explained in a presentation that MetaHuman Animator is a machine learning-powered tool, which is based on a highly curated and diverse database of facial captures. Much of this data comes from motion capture and facial animation companies like 3Lateral, Cubic Motion, and Hyprsense, which were acquired by Epic Games.

A technology that has been decades in the making

The MetaHuman website highlights that the technology behind the tool has been decades in the making, and that companies like 3Lateral and Cubic Motion have been pushing the boundaries of creating digital humans for years. Thanks to the acquisition of these companies by Epic Games, it has been possible to take the technology even further and do it in real time.

A tool that redefines facial animation

The arrival of MetaHuman Animator could be a game changer in facial animation in video games, allowing creators to bring hyper-realistic characters to life faster and easier than ever before. However, it is also true that the tool can pose new challenges, since it can lead to the characters appearing too realistic and falling into what is known as “the uncanny valley” or “uncanny valley”.

What does it mean for the digital entertainment industry?

The arrival of MetaHuman Animator is an example of how technology continues to advance and transform the digital entertainment industry. The creation of hyper-realistic characters is increasingly important for video game developers, and tools like this can mark a before and after in the way facial animation is approached. Furthermore, the accessibility of the tool means that even indie developers can compete with the big game studios in terms of facial animation quality. However, it is also important to consider the potential ethical challenges that can arise with creating increasingly realistic characters, such as the possibility of using them to mislead people or spread false information.

As you can see, MetaHuman Animator is an impressive tool that can have a huge impact in the digital entertainment industry. Its ability to render hyper-realistic characters and animate their facial expressions easily and quickly may change the way facial animation is approached in video games. However, it is also important to consider the ethical challenges and the possible implications that this technology may have on society.