Meta prepares its own Twitter

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A river uprooted, gain of fishermen. Or a dead king, king set. It could be something similar what they have thought of in Meta (Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram matrix) to benefit from the moment of instability created on Twitter after gaining control of the social network the controversial Elon Musk.

Meta could add a new feed to Instagram with text-only posts and thus have “its own Twitter”

It would be a social network that, as has been the case every time a platform in this sector stands out, would adopt some characteristics of the competition, as happens when Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram release features that appeared on another platform until, sometimes, ending up almost cloning it or, even worse, canceling the one that brought the innovation. Something similar to what happened when Clubhouse appeared and in a short time other social networks implemented their own voice chat rooms, as was the case with Twitter Spaces.

At the moment, a brainstorming meeting would have been held in Meta with an internal team that would have explored the possibilities to define a platform defined as “the new Twitter”.

The main characteristic that would stand out for this hypothetical new social network would be that it would be based on text posts and the already existing structure of Instagram would be taken as a base, in order to shorten the development. This option would have had an alternative proposed within the aforementioned working group consisting of add a new tab to instagram to include this new type of content, with its own feed.

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In this sense, it would seem that possible denominations such as Instant, Real Reels or Realtime.

While there has been a certain exodus of Twitter users after the arrival of Musk, fearful that the platform would disappear or be distorted. A behavior that has benefited platforms such as Mastodon, Hive or the new Post social network.