Meta payment verification arrives in the UK. When to Spain?

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Last February, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg announced Meta Verified, payment verification for Instagram and Facebook. A new service that came first to Australia and New Zealand. Later he landed in America and now he has just arrived in UK. We are talking about a subscription model that is priced at 9.99 sterling lira and is aimed at content creators. What advantages does it offer? In addition to the familiar blue verification badge, it has additional protection against account theft. Meta Verified reaches more of Spain, and its landing in Europe is imminent It is clear that Mark Zuckerberg’s company wants to expand the markets where payment verification for Facebook and Instagram will be available. But for now, the new ad is for the UK only. A function that came as a clear response to the verification of Twitter Blue on Elon Musk’s platform. Now, the social media consultant Matt Navarra, a benchmark in the sector, has confirmed on his Twitter account that Meta has announced the arrival of payment verification in the United Kingdom. He note that the price of 9.99 lira is per service. In this way, you have to pay, on the one hand, for Facebook, and, on the other hand, for Instagram. As a main requirement, be at least 18 years old. If you want to add this feature, you must activate two-factor verification and submit a valid government document (such as our ID) to verify your identity. In addition, the name that appears on your social network must be the same as the one on the document. A controversial measure that has caused problems with privacy defenders by having to reveal identity, when there are people who will not want to give their real data for security reasons. Of course, although at the moment the Meta regulations prevent changing the username, names and profile picture, in the future they will allow it. As for the possible launch in the rest of Europe, for now we will have to have a little patience. But considering that it has just landed in the United Kingdom, surely it won’t take too long to announce the arrival of payment verification for Facebook and Instagram in other countries. And seeing how we use these popular social networks in Spain, we don’t think it will take more than a few months. Seeing that every month you arrive in a new country, is it possible that you land in Spain in July? >

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