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Meta lays off 11,000 employees, 13% of its workforce

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Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has officially announced the dismissal of 11,000 of its workers, which represents 13% of its workforce. Mark Zuckerberg attributes this decision to the end of the pandemic and acknowledges having been wrong regarding the forecasts made about the evolution and its effects on user habits.

Meta reinforced its workforce due to the growth forecasts in the use of online platforms that it prepared during the pandemic

After a great empowerment of electronic commerce occurred during the pandemic, in Meta they prepared forecasts in which it was considered that this trend would have permanent acceleration. With the passage of time, this forecast has been shown to be wrong and, in the words of Zuckerberg

«it has not only happened that online commerce has returned to previous trends but also circumstances such as the global economic recession, the increase in competition and the decrease in the impact of advertisements have caused a decrease in income, less than expected«.

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The CEO of Meta intones a mea culpa stating:

«I was wrong and I take responsibility for it«.

Meta’s workforce currently reached 87,000 employees, having doubled in the last three years. Only in the years 2020 and 2021, 27,000 new employees were hired mainly due to the increase in use and the growth forecasts expressed by Zuckerberg.

This trend has continued throughout this year, by hiring 15,000 new employeesalthough on this occasion it was the firm commitment to the metaverse, the virtual ecosystem in which Zuckerberg believes that digital interactions will take place in the near future, since the development of this virtual platform is the one behind these contracts.

Following the recently announced layoffs Meta’s workforce will be reduced to 75,000 employeeswhich continues to be an amount much higher than the figures that the company presented before the pandemic.

More information in the interview broadcast on Channel 24 hours with Manuel Moreno, director of, about the layoffs in Meta.

Other companies such as Amazon and Twitter have also announced major layoffs. What are the causes of this crisis in technology?

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