Meta is ahead of Apple: announces the new high-resolution Quest 3 glasses

Meta is ahead of Apple: announces the new high-resolution Quest 3 glasses
meta is ahead of apple: announces the new high resolution quest

Apple is expected to launch its Reality XR glasses this Monday, but that does not prevent other actors from Goal launch a product for this market. We talk about the new quest 3 and we tell you what is known about them so far.

For starters, the company claims that the new Meta Quest 3 are 40% thinner than the model it replaces on the market, which should provide a more comfortable experience when entering the Metaverse. goal has also redesigned Touch Plus controllers so that they are more ergonomic when using them, completely eliminating those peculiar follow-up rings that for many were quite annoying.

Steps up to deliver more power

There are also major spec upgrades, such as a move to a “next-gen” Snapdragon chipset that promises more than double the graphics performance of the Snapdragon XR2 processor that was inside the Quest 2. It stands to reason that the chosen component is Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2since the collaboration of both companies is maintained.


The new Meta Quest 3 also feature a higher resolution screen with optics called “pancake”, allowing for better graphics and reducing the overall size of the device. And this is very important in order to offer efficient and optimized use. Other notable features include a better quality in color displayaugmented reality integration for gaming (such as being able to play a virtual board game on a real table) and, of course, backwards compatibility with Quest 2 content.

Price and availability of the Meta Quest 3

To get the new Meta Quest 3 has established a starting price of $499.99 for the 128GB model, which is a hundred increase over the previous generation headset. These headsets are expected to be available in all regions where the Quest 2 was released (for example, Australia, Europe, Japan, North America, South Korea, and Taiwan). There is no information on a specific release date, except that it is expected to be in sometime next fall.

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By the way, there is good news for Current Quest 2 and Quest Pro owners, as the company claims that a future software update will increase the CPU and GPU speed of these headsets (up to 26% and up to 19% respectively). In addition, both viewers will receive a dynamic resolution scaling function, which allows adjustments to this parameter in real time.