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Meta develops a digital currency called “Zuck Bucks”

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Meta could have given up on further promoting the Diem cryptocurrency, just as last February it announced that it was abandoning the Libra cryptocurrency. However, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has not finished giving up experimenting with financial products. The company that owns Facebook and Instagram appears to be working on some digital currencies which, at least internally, have been baptized as “Zuck Bucks”.

Meta is developing token files that can be used in apps owned by the company

The name is a clear nod to Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of the company. From what has been known through a publication in the Financial Times, it is “unlikely” that it is a cryptocurrencyafter the two failures of the company in that sector.

It is rather about Meta-controlled tokens that can be used in company apps. An idea very similar to the assets that are used in video games to acquire benefits or advantages, such as the Robux that works in Roblox.

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Meta does not completely give up entering the sector of blockchain products. In fact, it has been known that it is studying the integration of NFT in Facebook, in such a way that these kinds of files can be uploaded and shared on the social network. According to the Financial Times, Meta is considering launching a beta version of this feature in mid-May.

This test would consist of allowing members of Facebook groups focused on NFTs to upload and share these files on the platform. Instagram is also expected to join the integration of these files, as Zuckerberg himself acknowledged last March.

According to the CEO of the company, the integration of NFTs in Instagram will arrive “in the coming months”. This will allow users to take their NFT files to Instagram to show them to their contacts and trade with them.


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