Meta closes bulletin – Zuckerberg uses video instead of newsletters

meta closes bulletin – zuckerberg uses video instead of newsletters.jpg
meta closes bulletin – zuckerberg uses video instead of newsletters.jpg

The newsletter service Bulletin has now also fallen victim to the austerity measures at Meta. At the beginning of 2023 it will be over. A trend that wasn’t.

Facebook’s highly acclaimed newsletter service, Bulletin, is being scrapped. The company, which has since been renamed Meta, informed the creators concerned in an email. At the beginning of next year it should be over, after almost two years. The service was not particularly successful. In addition, Meta has announced a tough austerity course and, according to its own statements, wants to take care of the development of a “creator economy” – instead of news.


In fact, Bulletin was also intended for creators. These should reach a larger audience via newsletter and even earn money with the texts, it said. Only those who Facebook considered worthy could participate. There was and is no way to register yourself. As The Verge reports, 115 publications were available at the end of last year, about half of which have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Newsletters have recently been traded as a trend on some platforms. While Facebook launched Bulletin and Facebook News, the ability to WhatsApp large groups of people was recently banned. Several media used this to send out mini-newsletters via Messenger. Twitter, a short message service per se, has also been given a newsletter function. For this one works together with Revue, where the messages must be created with more than 280 characters.

Instead of news and texts, everything is now back to video, also a trend that already existed a few years ago. At that time, Facebook had published statistics according to which videos were played and viewed particularly well. Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg boasted that the “golden age of video” had arrived. Advertisers jumped on it. It turned out that the data was not correct, the video stopped again.

Now short videos follow: All remaining employees should concentrate on reels and the metaverse. Zuckerberg said at the end of September that almost all areas of the company would have to save. There are budget cuts, a hiring freeze and layoffs. The boss’s announcement is that the group should be smaller by the end of 2023 than it is today. According to a Bloomberg report, 83,500 people worked for Meta in the middle of the year.

After the savings plans became known, Meta shares were down around 3.7 percent from the New York stock exchange. The closing price of 136.41 US dollars meant a loss in value of almost 60 percent since the beginning of the year.

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