Meta abandons the development of Portal smart screens and its smart watch


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, continues to restructure its strategy in the midst of the crisis, and as part of it, will abandon the continuity of the Portal smart display devices, initially launched in 2018 for end consumers, and there will also be no room for further development of the smart watch, that seemed spectacular, according to the leaks that have been seeing the light in recent years.

Instead, Meta is clearly committed to Augmented Reality, and above all, the metaverseleading its hardware team to join forces in the development of the company’s augmented reality glasses.

Goodbye to two of the company’s iconic projects

In fact, according to statements by the technology director, Andrew Bosworth, before Meta employees at a meeting, collected by the Reuters agency, half of Meta’s investment in its Reality Labs division will go to its Augmented Reality projects.

The most striking It’s not the $1 billion lost in smartwatch developmentwhich will not finally see the light of day, but from the Portal smart display units that have already been sold.

It must be remembered that Portal smart displays were originally aimed at consumers, having received a boost in the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, in the year 2021, But sales have been underwhelming, to the point of being under 1% globally, and the company opted to target Portal devices at businesses early last summer, with a focus on hybrid work.

But Bosworth pointed out to the employees at the meeting that the accounts don’t come out, putting it this way:

It was going to take so much time and investment to get into the enterprise segment, it seemed like the wrong way to spend your time and money.

Faced with this situation, they understand that it is not worth continuing to invest efforts.

It is unknown what will happen to the units sold in terms of technical support (security updates, new features, etc.) and whether the units that are still available will continue to be sold.

Organizational restructuring

It has also been known these days, based on other company executives present, that 54 percent of those laid off had been working in commercial positions, while the rest were working in technological functions, affecting even high-level employees. , and they are also creating a new division, Family Foundations, focused on difficult engineering problems.

And furthermore, that Meta is merging its division of voice and video calls with that of messaging.

With this scenario, Meta continues to deflate their aspirations to focus on what they truly believe can give them performance in the future, that is, the metaverse, not knowing if at some point in the future they will resume the development of the Portal smart screens and the smart watch.

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