Mercedes-Benz is testing ChatGPT in its range of vehicles, and the idea is not a bad one at all

Mercedes-Benz is testing ChatGPT in its range of vehicles, and the idea is not a bad one at all
mercedes benz is testing chatgpt in its range of vehicles, and

It is a fact that ChatGPT has marked the particular starting signal so that more companies launch their own artificial intelligences. It is true that the specter of the ban in Europe hovers over OpenAI, but at the moment more and more manufacturers are betting on this intelligence. AND now it is the turn of Mercedes-Benz.

Yes, the emblematic German car brand has fallen in love with the effectiveness of ChatGPT. And, as reported by The Verge, Mercedes-Benz is testing ChatGPT as a voice assistant for its fleet of cars.

The idea of ​​the German company is that the driver can interact with this conversational intelligence by asking questions related to the trip, although it will also be used for anything else.

Mercedes-Benz bets on ChatGPT

The truth is that it looks really good. For example, we can ask ChatGPT the time left until we reach our destinationto help us find a gas station nearby, restaurants to eat.

It will also function as the conversational intelligence that it is, since Mercedes-Benz is not going to impose any type of limitation. In this way, we can really ask him what we want, from cooking recipes to explaining how a combustion engine like the one in our brand new car works.

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We talk about a beta program that will start in the United States and will be supported in 900,000 Mercedes-Benz vehiclesthrough your MBUX entertainment system.

To be part of this program, you must be part of the Mercedes-Benz experimental program, and this feature It will be available from today June 16. To activate it, you will have to say “Hello Mercedes, I want to join the beta program”. The update will then install for free, expanding the capabilities of the company’s existing voice assistant that uses ChatGPT. More futuristic, impossible.

As indicate Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz in press release “With the three-month beta program, Mercedes-Benz customers can become early adopters of this innovative technology. Based on the findings from the beta program and customer feedback, Mercedes-Benz will consider further integrating this technology into future iterations of its MBUX voice assistant while maintaining the highest standards of customer privacy on and off the road.”

An innovative idea that will not take long to reach other vehicles so that we have all the information at our fingertips and without having to remove the visa from the road. Without a doubt, it will be one of the most useful novelties.


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