Megaton! Photos and all specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra are leaked

galaxy s24 modelos filtrados.jpg
galaxy s24 modelos filtrados.jpg

Two of the Samsung Galaxy S24 models

With less than a month until the official presentation of the new generation of the Samsung Galaxy, complete details about the three models that will make up the range have been leaked. And they have not been leaked as a mere comment on social networks, but rather The official file is now available with all specifications. Nothing has been left in the pipeline!

In the last few hours the leaks about the Galaxy S24, the Galaxy S24+ and the Galaxy S24 Ultra have not stopped flowing. First there were the images of its different models and colors from the hand of a certain Arsenio Lupin, and shortly after the technical sheet that we mentioned and that tells us all the information we wanted on a silver platter. Once again, the leaker has been Evan Blass, one of the most famous names in the industry when it comes to “gutting” official presentations of products like this.

Three screen sizes

Each of the Samsung Galaxy S24 has a different screen size, but they all agree on the maximum brightness level that they are capable of reaching with a total of 2,600 nits. The screen of the Galaxy S24 is 6.2 inches, that of the Galaxy S24+ increases to 6.7 inches and the Ultra model increases the size to 6.8 inches. The three screens are OLED technology and they are certified with HDR10+, but it must be said that there is a difference in terms of the resolution they are capable of providing.

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Arsene Lupine


Since @Androidheadline x MrQ wanted a little battle, here you go

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series – all of it.
100+ images in good quality.
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Thus, while the Galaxy S24 has Full HD+ resolution, both the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra screens provide QHD+ resolution. However, it is not the only feature that is of interest in view of the fact that the leaked sheet also tells us about the storage, the camera, the battery and even the presence or absence of support for the use of the S Pen. Now we keep telling you everything.

All its technical characteristics



In terms of memory there are not many surprises. The basic model uses 8GB RAM and 128GB or 256GB internal storage, while the other two Galaxy S24 increase the RAM memory up to 12GB and the storage is offered in 256GB and 512GB options. The question remains whether this is the definitive plan in the short and long term or if Samsung intends to launch a 1TB option, something that could be limited to a certain series of countries. Currently, there is no 1TB model.

Two of the colors of the Samsung Galaxy S24 generation

Moving on to the camera, both the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ have a 50MP main camera unlike the Ultra model, which raises the camera up to 200MP. In all three cases the video recording capacity rises to 8K. Where there are the most differences is in the zoom system, a feature where the Ultra model enhances the features significantly. The S24 and S24+ have 2x and 3x dual Telephoto zoom, but on the Ultra it is Quad Telephoto with added 5x and 10x versions. For its part, the spatial zoom system of the S24 and S24+ is 30x, while in the Ultra it goes up to 100x.

If we talk about the battery we can see that they respectively have a capacity of 4000 mAh, 4900 mAh and 5000 mAh, with the Galaxy S24 offering fast charging from 0 to 50% in half an hour. Likewise, both the Galaxy S24+ and Ultra models provide fast charging from 0 to 65% in the same period of time.

Where there are few differences is in durability. At a basic level, all three phones have received the same certification in terms of resistance to dust and water, all three being IP68. Where a difference is incorporated is in the technology used with each case. While the Galaxy S24 and the Plus model are Armor Aluminum 2.0, the Ultra model offers more resistance thanks to its Titanium construction.

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Evan Blass


F*** it.

December 21, 2023 • 11:01


Finally, only the Ultra model Has built-in support for S Pen, while the three devices coincide in their third-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, in the presence of a Smart keyboard, in Knox security technology and in the use of a dynamic screen protection system. Is there still anything else to know about the Galaxy S24 family? Details remain, but as you can see, everything important has already come from the hands of Evan Blass, who did not want users to start the year without knowing what the new generation of the Korean brand’s leading smartphone will be like.

Now you only need to do two things. The first: recap what the Samsung Galaxy S23 offers, because it is surely just what you are thinking about to compare. And the second: start saving, since its launch it will be very soon. In January we will have all the official information.



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