MEGA launches automatic backup function to save and protect computer files

MEGA launches automatic backup function to save and protect computer files

MEGA, a cloud storage service, announced last Wednesday (23) the launch of a new feature to protect and recover files through the backup function of files stored on the computer. With this novelty, the user can define folders or files that should be automatically synchronized in the account.

As the developer explains, this tool prevents documents, photos and other important media from being lost due to a device failure. In this way, it is possible to recover your project or work of hours even if the operating system is corrupted or there is another serious failure making it impossible to use the device.

In a statement published on its blog, the company explains that to use the novelty it is necessary to download the MEGA Desktop App (Windows and macOS) and log in to the account, then just select the directory you want to enable automatic backup, done that the corresponding cloud folder will be created and added as a subfolder.

Once you have configured the backup, you just need to be connected to the Internet for the directories and files to be uploaded to your cloud account whenever a change is made. Saved content can be accessed remotely through any device, simply by logging into the MEGA account via the website or application.

MEGA Backup. (Image: Disclosure).

MEGA Backup is quite different from the synchronization tool in that it is possible to change or delete files from the cloud without the change being mirrored on the computer, something that does not happen with Sync. Through the program it is possible to check in real time the status of each file sent to the automatic saving account.

  • The novelty is available for all plans offered by the company

Status of files in MEGA Backup. (Image: Disclosure).

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