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Meet the new leading group in decoration for your bathroom in Spain

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Bathroom group

With a philosophy that aims to democratize bathroom decoration, DecoraBaño and Todo Muebles de Baño are positioned in the market, a group of companies in the ecommerce sector that is already a national reference, making reforms accessible, regardless of where you are. Whether you live in the country or the city, these excellent online platforms seek to simplify the process of choosing the ideal elements to condition this important space in your home.

Both projects have landed in 2021 with great expectations, as they estimate a growth of 70% in the coming months and reaching an annual turnover of 12 million euros. There are already more than 4,000 satisfied customers who guarantee the quality of their catalogs through opinions and real reviews on the Internet. On their websites you have at your disposal the best brands in Spain and at excellent prices, with all the convenience of making your purchases remotely. As if that were not enough, at all times you have advice from its team of experts, in case you have specific requirements for your reforms.

Quality, good service and attractive prices

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Both DecoraBaño and Todo Muebles de Baño are based on important values ​​to provide you with an unbeatable quality of service, which is combined with the diversity of its products. The business group to which these online stores belong has specialists in furniture and decoration. Both brands are distinguished by being transparent, working so that each purchase is safe and without surprises, and with an excellent after-sales service. This has contributed significantly to making them the best options in Spanish territory for your bathroom.

Another point in its favor is that it works with the main brands of national manufacture, providing free shipping to any location and betting on quality and proximity, through its digital business model. Their websites are up-to-date with the top bathroom interior design trends. You can find the best in furniture, shower screens, mirrors and offers that will help you make an excellent decision.

Corporate culture

This business group is governed by sustainability, it only works with the best in the bathroom furniture market, brands of excellence that can truly provide you with the benefits you expect for your projects or renovations. 95% of its products in the catalog are from national brands and the woods for its furniture have been obtained from sustainable forests. Regarding its organizational culture, the need to take care of people prevails, which is why it has high-level facilities that allow the generation of a productive work environment, betting, in turn, on teleworking.

bathroom screen

All Bathroom Furniture

With a trajectory of more than 20 years in the sector of bathroom furniture, this online platform is already considered a leader in its field and is dedicated to the exclusive sale of top quality bathroom furnishing articles. Its website has a very complete catalog, the most extensive on the market. So, if you are thinking of reforming, this company offers you the possibility of buying online, direct from the factory and with shipping to your home without additional costs. In fact, generating your orders is very simple, since ecommerce integrates a well-structured filtering and classification system, capable of helping you find what you need intuitively and with just a few clicks.

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What differentiates Todo Furniture Bathroom from other brands? In principle, its quality, design and variety of styles, but also its high-end service, which allows direct delivery to your home from the factory, at unparalleled prices and without the need for intermediaries. In addition, the products are discounted compared to their RRP, deliveries are totally free and it is possible to make returns for up to 30 days without complications.


Since 1998, DecoraBaño has been a benchmark project in Spain in the world of interior design. Thanks to the fact of having combined technology, strategy, creativity, quality and an excellent work team, today it is a national leader with its impressive catalog. Its professionals know very well how the sector behaves and what the purchasing needs of people like you, who want the best, consist of. In this way, it manages to guarantee immediacy, security, as well as a personalized shopping experience thanks to the wide catalog of available products.

There are many reasons to explore its website and opt for its products, from the experience that the brand has, its specialized service, the love that it puts into every detail of its corporate environment, to its desire to constantly innovate, tranquility that it gives you by offering quick answers and giving you advice; as well as the excellence of each item in its catalog, which is 90% Spanish and with sustainable materials.

Connect with your interior decorator!

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With DecoraBaño y Todo Muebles de Baño you don’t need to be an interior design expert to give life to your spaces. Discover all the new trends in furniture, request technical advice by phone or through the portal, place your first order and allow its professionals to provide you with the best quality after-sales service. Remember that in all your purchases you can access the transport insurance service and, depending on the product, you can request an express delivery service.

As you can see, making purchases with the leading group in bathroom decoration in Spain is the best decision you can make when carrying out your renovations. Through the Todo Muebles de Baño and DecoraBaño stores you can enjoy all the advantages of their policies to democratize bathroom decoration.


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