McDonald’s Just Released a Game Boy Color Game Starring Shake

McDonald's Just Released a Game Boy Color Game Starring Shake
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You probably wouldn’t think of McDonald’s if you were asked to guess which company would release a retro game this year.

Well, the fast food giant actually released a 2D retro game, apparently in the Game Boy Color style, as a way to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the Shake character. The company teamed up with Krool Toys to develop the platform game that you can play on a modern PC or mobile phone.

We’ve already talked about the “McDonald’s gamer vein” here at TC, which has even yielded freebies such as consoles in the shape of a chicken nugget, but this week, the company decided to launch a game to celebrate the birthday of one of its iconic mascots .

In the game, you control Shake on a skateboard as he searches for his missing friends – and collects enough milkshake for all the guests – before his birthday party starts.

Engadget had the chance to test the title and reports that it ran smoothly on a computer and that you can even expand the screen if you don’t mind the blurry graphics, which really look like they were created for Nintendo’s old portable console.

The game was likely created using a drag-and-drop tool for Nintendo handheld games called GB Studio. Indie developers like Krool have been using the program to create retro games, because doing so from scratch is often time and resource intensive.

McDonald’s officially released Grimace’s Birthday as just a fun little game that you can play on PC and mobile, but people quickly managed to find and share a copy that you can download. While it’s not an official release, it will allow you to play on a Game Boy emulator if you have one.

So, what did you think of this initiative?

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