Max is closer than ever: these are all the new features it will incorporate regarding HBO Max

max is closer than ever these are all the new features it will incorporate regarding hbo max
max is closer than ever these are all the new features it will incorporate regarding hbo max

The merger between Discovery and HBO has given rise to Max, the streaming platform that will replace HBO Max and that would be very close to landiAdd New Postng in our country. But, do you know what are the main news that are yet to come?

After some time available in other countries, such as the United States, on May 21, HBO Max will land in Spain. This is the platform that will replace HBO Max and its main difference with respect to the content that was already available is that, now, the entire Discovery+ catalog will be integrated . But what are the new features that we can enjoy since it officially lands?


The sport that is yet to come

The athletes are in luck. Max’s landing in Spain will be very close to the start of the Paris Olympic Games and the platform will be in charge of broadcasting the live signal, with minute-by-minute updates of all the sporting disciplines that come together in the largest sporting event in the world. world. Recently, in fact, it has become known that HBO would have signed the Eurosport team to cover the Olympic Games between July 26 and August 11.

In addition to this world-class event, Max will also bring together all the events that Discovery broadcast through Eurosport. Among them, the tennis Grand Slams, the 24 Hours of LeMans, cycling competitions or the live broadcasts of Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 stand out.

Content for the whole family

Once Max lands in Spain permanently, the first premiere that we can enjoy will be the second season of The House of the Dragon , a prequel to Game of Thrones, whose date is scheduled for June 17. In addition, the union between Discovery and HBO will allow us to enjoy titles of the stature of Big Bang Theory, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones or The White Lotus on the same platform.

It is worth keeping in mind that despite the union of Discovery with HBO, as users we will not have to adapt to a new interface. Since, despite the unification of the content, everything will look quite similar to what we can currently find on HBO Max.


The news does not come only from the sports field or the new integrated content proposal. New subscription plans are also being launched to offer consumers a personalized proposal with which to satisfy all their needs:

  • The standard plan will offer the possibility of using up to two devices to consume the content. As well as a maximum of 30 downloads and Full HD resolution.
  • The premium plan will increase the number of devices to four. The resolution of the content will be Full HD or 4K and downloads will increase to 100.

These two options will be joined by a basic plan with ads, just like other platforms already have, but there is no information on when it is planned to land in our country. As well as a sports extra, whose availability will be restricted depending on the country in which we are.

The prices of all the plans are still unknown, however, we do know what will happen with the 50% forever discount. This offer will remain at the current advertised price, as long as the subscription remains active and the rest of the conditions are met.

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