Mastodon servers dealing with local issues, by country or city


Many call Mastodon as the alternative to Twitter, although its idea is completely different. There isn’t a global Mastodon domain where everyone publishes all the news, where there are international trends with what’s going on everywhere, and there is an infinity of independent servers where users publish what they want depending on the type of server where they are. find.

In this way, we can find a behemoth for graphic designers, for Spanish politics, for technology fans, for global affairs… each server has its rules, and from one it is not possible to read the content of another.

In other words: there are currently thousands of independent “twitters” where users have their lives separated from other “twitters”, and deciding where to create an account is really complex.

In fact, more than an alternative to Twitter, we could call it a “rebirth of the forums”, since we can choose to create an account in a “forum”, but that does not affect the other existing forums on the Internet.

The fact is that there is a map that shows the existing servers, with open registration, that deal with local issues. This is the map at, where we can see domains located in each region of the planet.

mastodon spain

If we zoom we can see how many are near us, and the domain where they are, ideal to start chatting about various local issues.

An alternative to this map is to use Although it is not so visually pleasing, you can find servers that are not in the first option.

Which Mastodon to choose for visibility

They are very valid options if what we are looking for are instances of Mastodon that help to have local contacts and to be informed about what is happening near us, but if what you want is visibility, it is best to bet on those that are most successful in everything the world.

At WWWhatsnew we have an account on @[email protected]but there is also the option with many active users.

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