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Mastercard launched a facial recognition system to authorize payments

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Contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, put in our hands a mechanism that simplifies the most daily money transactions.

mastercard presented a new proposal, based on facial recognition, which makes things even simpler, dispensing with any device to validate a transaction.

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Mastercard implements biometric system to authorize payments with a smile or gesture

Our biometric data can be, from now on, a replacement for debit and credit cards. That is what Mastercard proposesby implementing a set of standards to which banks, merchants and technology providers are attached, which helps ensure the security and privacy of personal data when people pay using facial recognition, they say.

Apple Pay, for example, already allows you to authorize transactions using Face ID. However, Mastercard’s proposal goes a step further, since it is not necessary to have any device on the part of the payer.

The biometric payment procedure in this case is simple. Once the receipt is generated, it will be enough for the buyer to pose in front of a camera, smiling or making a hand gesture, as appropriate.

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For merchants, this could reduce transaction times, speed up or avoid queues, ensure better hygiene and provide greater security by preventing fraud or impersonation.

In rolling out this technology, Mastercard is working with partners including NEC, Payface, Aurus, PaybyFace, PopID and Fujitsu Limited. Starting this week, together with Payface, it started a pilot plan in Brazil, integrating this new system in five St Marche supermarkets in São Paulo.

Customers who go to these supermarkets can register their face and payment information through the Payface application and, after validating their registration, they can simply smile to pay at the checkout without carrying a card or mobile.

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Undoubtedly, as the company itself acknowledges, the pandemic came to revolutionize payment systems, giving priority to online or contactless transactions, if they were physical. Under this line, the initiative presented reaches a new precedent in the renewal of the dynamics after money transactions made in person.

Soon, Mastercard will launch new pilots of this payment method in the Middle East and Asia.

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