Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man Review: How Does Spider-Man fare?

marvel's avengers spider man review how does spider man fare
marvel's avengers spider man review how does spider man fare

Marvel’s Avengers DLC dedicated to Spider-Man is more modest content than it seemed. Let’s analyze it better.


For PlayStation users of Marvel’s Avengers the last days of November were undoubtedly crackling. Not only Square-Enix has published a massive update aimed at enriching the game’s endgame content for all platforms (so even Xbox: by the way, if you want to know something more, we invite you to retrieve our preview of Spider-Man and Klaw’s Raid in Marvel’s Avengers), but made a new hero available exclusively for PS4 and PS5, complete with dedicated missions, items and equipment. We obviously speak of Spider-Man, the result of a partnership between Square-Enix and Sony. But how does the wall climber fare in the Crystal Dynamics version?

Spider-Man vs. AIM

As we have already told you in our preview at the end of November, the hero will join the Avengers team through a simple narrative pretext. To begin his series of missions, all you have to do is go to the operations table inside the Helicarrier, and from there head towards the windows overlooking the huge Helicarrier. Here, after interacting with a suspicious spider web, a video sequence will activate that will introduce Spider-Man to the various Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Kamala Khan.

We must say that, on the front of the writing of the dialogues and the characterization of the hero, the development team worked pretty well, in line with what has been done in previous expansions and in the base game. The chemistry between Spidey and his new allies works, there is a funny curtain with Natasha and a dialogue with Ms. Marvel that for the readers of the House of Ideas will be rather symbolic and meaningful. It is no secret, however, that Peter Parker and Kamala Khan share rather similar origins and superproblems, and seeing them interact in this way will tease Marvel Comics fans a lot. In any case, the webweaver has enlisted the help of the Avengers for a specific reason: an old friend and colleague of his, Liz Allen, has mysteriously disappeared and her latest actions have highlighted a connection with AIM. The involvement between the girl and the Advanced Mechanical Ideas has prompted Spider-Man to contact the most powerful heroes on Earth, who he asks to go on a mission to unmask the new misdeeds of the company.

If the narrative premise of the DLC dedicated to Spidey intrigued you, unfortunately, the fact that there is very little actually narrative content. There will be no shortage of developments on the story linked to Spider-Man, mind you, but to reach them you will have to roll up your sleeves and work a little.

A modest content

The questline titled “The Amazing Spider-Man“, in fact, it asks the player to complete a rather large number of basic tasks to advance the character both in the game statistics and in the short storyline woven by the developers. In short, more than a narrative expansion we are faced with “simple” Iconic Missions, in the wake of those already addressed in the base game with Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel, and later also extended to Kate Bishop, Clint Barton and T’Challa.

In short, each assignment will ask you to satisfy certain conditions using Spider-Man during the Avengers Initiative, obviously increasing in intensity and difficulty. If at a first degree, for example, you will be asked to defeat a certain amount of enemies using specific moves, as you continue it will be necessary to conquer a certain number of War Zones, or even complete a lot of targets such as high priority.

The latter, we remember, are part of some particularly difficult quests, littered with modifiers and quite powerful enemies. Before I can face them as Spider-Man, in short, you’ll have to do a lot of grinding, since the absence of a properly definable Campaign will not allow you to level easily during the adventure.

Dry them out, Tiger! More or less

Good Spidey is a fighter similar to T’Challa: essentially devoted to melee, but with skills and gadgets capable of transforming his fighting style to strike from a distance and defeat enemies with insidious spider tricks.As usual, the characterization work on the moves of Spider-Man can be said to be satisfactory, as well as the possibilities to customize and expand his moveset thanks to the skill tree – recently enriched with an additional progression system called “Champion”.

In general, Spidey’s heroic moves involve interacting with the web, that most of the time it will allow you to trap enemies (even very large ones) inside the super-resistant chemical fluid invented by Parker. More than a destructive hero, in short, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will reveal himself an insidious and useful fighter in battle, to be strategically placed side by side with the absolute protagonists of the battleground like the Hulk or Thor. Spider-Man can also take advantage of the oscillation with the web to move quickly along the War Zones, and to use it you just need to hold down the right trigger of your DualShock 4 or DualSense. The movement system is not for obvious reasons comparable to what Insomniac experienced in Marvel’s Spider-Man, both for the fluidity of the action and for the quality of the animations in flight.

It is true that we find ourselves in a rather different playful context, but we would have liked a greater attention in the reproduction of some of Spidey’s movements anyway. In Marvel’s Avengers, in short, Spider-Man reflects the style of all the previous heroes: a fighter designed to have fun without commitment or pretensions, able to satisfy wall climbing fans especially on the fanservice side.