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Marvel Snap now allows you to play with friends with the new Battle mode

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The trending game of the moment has just received an update that allows you to play between known players. Not only will we be able to play with other random people, we will be able to create games and invite our friends to play a few games.

In the new version, a control appears on the lower right hand side. By pressing it, we can join a game by reporting a code that someone has sent us, or create a new game, generating the corresponding code that we will have to share with other people.

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The rules are simple: you have to deal 10 points of damage to your opponent. Each one starts with 10 health points, and every time we win, as many health points as cubes we have obtained are discounted.

That way, if we win in a game with two snaps, getting 8 cubes, we only have to get two more cubes in the next game to defeat the opponent.

Marvel Snap

From round five things change, as you can see in the image above, so that things don’t last forever.

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Although it doesn’t have the complexity of Magic, Marvel Snap has managed to reach a lot of people with a similar philosophy. Make decks, get cards and define combos to win games, a recipe that continues to work in 2023.

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