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Martial arts robots for training athletes

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American kickboxer has developed a robot that teaches boxing and martial arts. Photo: New Atlas

Washington: Boxing and martial arts players keep punching straw bags during training, but now a training robot can turn around and attack them.

This robot has been developed by the famous martial arts player Brent Verdialis. While training with an athlete, he suffered a serious wrist injury, after which he began working on a robot that trains athletes and has developed a giant device to assist in training.

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The height of this robot is 12 inches which can be mounted on the wall but the height can be increased or decreased. When given electricity, these foam sticks strike the player. The foam arm moves at a speed of 64 km per hour, while the athlete can punch the robot’s head and torso.

Thanks to the four and a half inch touch screen, three different training modes can be chosen. Similarly, three levels of intensity can be adopted. During this time, every round, punches and other performances can be seen on the screen. The screen system also takes into account comfort and breaks.

RXT One is currently part of the Kickstarter campaign. However, it starts at 6 699.

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