Mars could be causing giant whirlpools in Earth’s oceans

mars could be causing giant whirlpools in earth's oceans
mars could be causing giant whirlpools in earth's oceans

A new scientific study published in recent days has revealed that, from Mars, a direct effect is occurring on our planet . Although 225 million km separate us, the Martian planet is causing giant whirlpools in our oceans. And it is something that, in a way, is interesting, since it could help the Earth in a possible catastrophic situation.

The work carried out by the scientists in charge of this research proposes a theory that, although it is still pending confirmation, could change many things. This would explain the phenomenon by which whirlpools of enormous size appear in the deepest part of the oceans of our planet. This discovery, furthermore, is contrary to what until now was thought to generate them.

The effect of Mars on Earth

We often think of Mars as a planet that we would like to colonize and on which many companies have their sights set. Astronauts and scientists admire the possibilities involved in exploring Mars . But, with this, it seems that we are forgetting to analyze the way in which the planet influences ours. Since their relationship, due to the position they occupy in the universe, is much closer than one could imagine.


The recent study that has appeared in Nature highlights something that they consider obvious in view of the results of their research: the interaction that occurs between Earth and Mars causes these large whirlpools . It does this through the resonance effect that takes place at the moment in which the two planets are in their orbit of the Sun.

Understand the Earth better

What this type of research shows us is that, no matter how much we try to explore other planets or colonize the Moon, we still have a lot to discover about Earth. And it would be important to start solving certain mysteries so that we can understand everything better. In this specific case, the effect of the resonance that occurs when the two planets orbit the Sun is carried out because that attraction occurs that you have surely heard about on more than one occasion.

Resonance is not a new discovery, but the new consequence of it that the study is proposing is. There would remain doubts about this, such as knowing if there is something else that we do not know about the way in which Mars affects the Earth . In the event that this theory is true and the whirlpools are caused by the red planet, something that would be possible in view of the coincident dates on which they have been detected, it would also mean that the studies on it would have to be updated.


Because, until now, scientists were betting that these eddies were being caused deep in the oceans as a direct effect of climate change. It would be a factor that would have to be eliminated from the equation of the problems generated by climate change , since these whirlwinds have greater consequences than could be imagined. One of them is that, every time one is recorded, they carry out intense erosion of the seabed. And, in doing so, enormous accumulations of sediment are generated that end up everywhere, which is not positive at all.

In any case, scientists do not believe that the problem of climate change should be downplayed. They also say that it is important to continue researching this possible discovery, not only to better understand how climate changes work on the planet, but also to see if Mars could be the planet’s salvation. The reason for this is that these experts believe that the effects that Mars has on Earth could be the solution to a crisis in the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation.


The problem is that, if that were possible, it would still be unknown how they could achieve it. For now it is only an indication, an idea, a somewhat desperate possibility that could serve as a wild card in the face of the possible entry into crisis of the Atlantic current, which has a fundamental importance in the maintenance of the planet. With all this in mind, we would have to cross our fingers that it continues to be studied and thus discover in what other ways Mars is influencing Earth. What else is it causing or what could it cause both good and bad?

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