Marriage dating app: why most accept having fallen in love with another

A study conducted by Ashley Madison, a married dating website, indicated that 65% of members claimed to have been in love with more than one person at the same time. Likewise, 80% of its users believe that it can be in love of more than one person at a time.

The platform indicated that non-monogamous relationships where people can love more than one at a time, such as monogamy open and polyamorous relationships, continue to be highly stigmatized by the public.

“According to our data, loving multiple people is so stigmatized by society because it goes against what we are taught about traditional relationships and can often trigger insecurities that people have in their own relationship,” said Christopher Kraemer, executive director of the website for latam.

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“It can be intimidating for some to enter the non-monogamous relationship space, but often people find that they are happier individuals and ultimately happier in their relationship once they try this lifestyle,” she added. .

53% of women say their secondary partner meets their romantic needs (Photo: Freepick)

53% of women say their secondary partner meets their romantic needs (Photo: Freepick)

More data on couples

53% of women say their secondary partner meets their romantic needs. Likewise, 71% mentioned that this type of behavior is not traditional and goes against what they have been taught about relationships.

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an open relationship

On the other hand, Second Love, dating site exclusively for people looking to have sentimental relationships outside of their current partner, ensures that young people who belong to generation Z and millennials, for the most part, consider that dating apps and social networks serve them to meet new people or have chance encounters.

They also concluded that men show more predisposition to have an open relationship. 75% who use the platform say they would like his wife to be on it too.

And although it is still a low percentage of people globally who are encouraged to practice this trend today, it is a modality that, according to the platform, continues to grow. Meanwhile, 82% of users confessed that they are only looking for more fluid and less committed relationships.


Matias Lamouret, spokesperson for Second Love for Latin America, indicated that “currently, we are observing that an increasing number of users are encouraged to reveal in the descriptions of their profiles that they are in an open relationship, which shows that it is something that is increasingly “whitewashed” in current relationships”.

“45% of users revealed that they would accept that their partner is also on a dating app to look for an affair at the same time,” he added.

This application was created in 2008 and has a presence in Holland, Belgium, Spain and Portugal, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil and the United States.