Mark Zuckerberg denies he will step down as CEO of Meta in 2023

Mark Zuckerberg denies he will step down as CEO of Meta in 2023

Meta’s head of communications, Andy Stone, denied that Mark Zuckerberg is considering stepping down as CEO of the company in 2023. The statement was a response to the rumor that began to circulate rapidly in the corporate market.

According to information gathered by The Leak, several internal Facebook sources claim that Zuckerberg is considering leaving his role at Meta, as the company has been going through a troubled time.

An example of this is that Meta was forced to dismiss around 11,000 employees and the bet on Metaverso has not yet yielded good financial results. On the contrary, this is the department that currently spends the most.

The insistence on the Metaverso project is what has kept many investors awake at night, even though Meta is one of the most profitable companies in Silicon Valley.

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It should be remembered that this is not the first time that the market has begun to bet on a possible departure of Zuckerberg from the helm of his companies.

This movement could also be a way for the market to try to influence Meta’s decisions, since the message is being given through the constant drop in the value of the company’s shares.

Therefore, Meta has adapted to the new scenario in the global technology market and the company recently announced the closure of its division that handles the sale of smart displays and watches. Other cuts are also not ruled out.

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