Mark Zuckerberg commented that the metaverse that Meta builds will be very different from Apple’s


According to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta and Apple are in a “very deep philosophical competition” to build the metaverse.

In an internal meeting, the content of which was leaked to the press, the CEO of Meta commented that both companies are already ready for the commercial battle that will take place around hardware for augmented and virtual reality.

Zuckerberg marked the differences between his metaverse and Apple’s

In a meeting with his employees, Mark Zuckerberg made comments about the future scenario in which they will have to face Apple as business competitors under the context of the metaverse. His statements, taken from a leaked recording, were released by TheVerge.

By way of context, it should be remembered that, after renaming Facebook and declaring its purpose of focusing on the construction of its metaverse, one of the last known revelations about this project was that this platform will be conceived as a open platform.

After that, together with dozens of companies such as Adobe, Alibaba, Epic Games, Huawei, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Unity and the WWW Consortium, among others, Meta founded the Metaverse Standards Foruma platform that seeks to set the standards for the development of an open metaverse.

In this future collaborative context, Meta will become one more commercial provider, present with its hardware and software. However, following its historical line, Apple would bet on the opposite, a closed metaverse, limited to what the company with the bitten apple provides.

On this, Zuckerberg acknowledged that although this model has worked for Apple in the case of the iPhone, he does not bet that this modus operandi bring you the same dividends with the metaverse, ruling that “it is not very clear in advance if an open or closed ecosystem is going to be better”.

Apple doesn’t usually refer to its ongoing projects until they are publicly released. For the same reason, the secrecy of the company with this matter is not surprising. However, it is taken for granted that it will be a safe step in the future, since previous reports have already revealed that for these purposes, Apple hired a former Meta executivealready has its own operating system and have plans launch hardware to the market.

All this movement does not leave the CEO of Meta indifferent, who at the aforementioned meeting, which took place earlier this month, clarified how Apple’s future steps would affect the company, commenting on details in response to one of his employees.

“I think it’s pretty clear that Apple is going to be a competitor to us, not only as a product but also philosophically. We are approaching this in an open way and trying to build a more open ecosystem. We’re trying to make more things interoperable with Android. We are trying to develop the metaverse so that you can take your virtual goods from one world to another. We created the Metaverse Standards Forum with a bunch of other people you just mentioned, and Apple didn’t join. But I don’t think it’s a surprise. Apple, for some generations of computing, has been the closed provider of computing.Mark Zuckerberg commented, doing a historical sweep as he marks their differences.

“So yes, Apple is going to be a competitor. I think that’s pretty clear, but he’s actually a very deep competitor. They don’t just have a device that has a few more features than us. It’s a very deep philosophical competition about which direction the Internet should go. And I’m proud of the investments we’re making to help push the open metaverse into this and hopefully make the next version of computing a little more open.Zuckerberg added.

The project that, due to its key participation, represents the CEO of Meta, aspires to be the antithesis of Apple’s philosophy, just as Windows marked its differences with Mac or as in recent times, Android marked a different paradigm compared to iOS.