Mark Gurman: We can have the iPhone 14 on September 7

purpura iphone 14 y pro 650x325.jpg
purpura iphone 14 y pro 650x325.jpg

This is the rumor we’ve all been waiting for. The day the next iPhone 14 goes on sale. According to Mark Gurman of Bloombergwe can already have it the day after the Apple event that seems to be the next September 7. An event that, if the date is confirmed, will be one of the early risers. So prepare your pocket that the new iPhone 14 arrives. Will you buy it in purple?

Gurman says Apple will hold its event on September 7

We are just a few weeks away from the start of September. I don’t know about you, but for me it really is the month that starts new projects and invites you to have better ideas and projects. That’s what Apple must think when it always does this month the events to launch new devices. Also this year, it is likely that the mentioned event is ahead and instead of being in the middle of the month, be at the beginning. Rumor has it, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, that it will be on the 7th.

Mark Gurman is a highly respected journalist in the world of Apple and therefore when he launches a rumor it is very likely that it will come true. His sources have been very good and so far he has almost never failed. But he has failed and Being a rumour, it is likely that his predictions will not come true.

If so, if the predictions come true, it is more than likely that we can reserve the iPhone 14 the day after its presentation. Namely, on the 8th we can already be aware of the Web for that reservation and with any luck, it will reach us soon.

Keep in mind that other rumors say that the price of the new terminal will be a little higher than the previous editions and that in addition Stock is likely not very bulky due to lack of materials and because suppliers continue to suffer from the restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic.

For all these reasons, if it finally goes on sale soon, we should not rest on our laurels and if we want it, we should be vigilant. I don’t know if the iPhone 14 will have a pull, because of all the rumours, little has been said about what it would be like. But we are still on time and I am sure that many more will come out here on that day. you already know that as we get closer to the date many more will come out and those are the most interesting.