Mark Gurman: There will be no Mac or iPad event in October

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apple gcd6563ab0 1920.jpg

The rumors that we were considering so far were that in October we would see a new Apple event, this time presenting the new Macs with the M2 chip and the new iPads. However, it appears that this may not happen. As long as the requirements are met predictions made by Mark Gurman of the specialized medium, Bloomberg.

The presentation will be made through a press release in October

The first question that arises is: If there is no event, are there no new Macs and iPads? It seems that the shots do not go that way. Yes, there will be new devices and it is assumed that all the ones we have been talking about. That is, the new 14-inch and 16-inch Macs, but with an M2 chip. Plus a new iPad Pro. The question is how to present them to society.

If we were waiting for an event similar to that of the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods Pro on September 7, it seems that we are going to be left with the desire. According to Mark Gurman in his latest edition of Power On, What Apple will do will be a quick presentation without frills in between, that does keep the month of October as the chosen date.

What the company supposedly wants to do is present the new Mac and iPad through a press release and with advertising through the website.

And they won’t come alone. There is even talk that we may see the introduction of the apple tv set-top box with an A14 chip and an increase in RAM.

Gurman bases this assumption on the fact that Apple has not announced anything yet. and he has not sent any message indicating that there will indeed be an event in October. Although I suppose, it is an opinion, that we are on dates.

What is not talked about at all is the presentation of the new operating systems. iPadOS 16 may not be necessary, having very recent iOS 16. But from macOS Ventura I think it is necessary that they explain to us how they did last day 7, the news and what we can do thanks to them more visually.

They are rumors and therefore may or may not come true. We will have to wait to see what happens, with the passage of time we will know the resolution of this enigma. That already, by the way, Personally, I don’t think it’s very suitable. It is true that it is not something extraordinary or special, but that does not mean it has to be better. The prerecorded events were being very good, dynamic and to the point. A full-fledged presentation is going to be missed.