Many users are thinking about VPNs to avoid fines for watching pirated IPTV and no, it is not a good idea

many users are thinking about vpns to avoid fines for watching pirated iptv and no, it is not a good idea
many users are thinking about vpns to avoid fines for watching pirated iptv and no, it is not a good idea

The fight against piracy has become one of the great focuses of attention for many governments and associations. The fear on the part of users of receiving financial sanctions has invited them to take extreme precautions: VPNs are one of the options chosen by the majority. But is it a good idea?

The last few days have been especially turbulent in everything that has to do with the fight against piracy at the international level. The ruling of the Commercial Court No. 8 of Barcelona, ​​in which it was stated that LaLiga was going to be able to prosecute users who consumed pirated football, although with countless nuances, was joined by the statements of Massimiliano Capitanio, head of AGCOM, the authority for the guarantee of communications of the government of Italy.

The Italian stated that countries like Spain and Italy were moving towards the creation of a common front that would allow them to have a greater number of tools at their disposal to combat piracy. A scenario that forced all those consumers of pirate football to take extreme precautions in this regard.

User response

Italy is one of the most restrictive countries in everything that has to do with the dissemination of content through the pirate IPTV platform. With a regulatory framework, known as Piracy Shield, which allows blocking rebroadcasting servers in just a few minutes, the next objective is to find a way to also sanction users who access this type of platforms, not only the organizations that distribute the content.

Faced with this scenario, many users are trying to explore all existing avenues that allow them to have extra protection against any government action to try to identify end consumers. And one of the options that many of them are choosing is to hide behind a VPN . These types of services allow us to obtain extra privacy when accessing any website, hiding our data, while allowing us to simulate that the connection is being made from any other part of the planet.

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that the use of this type of resources will only make tracking difficult, but it does not make it impossible. Furthermore, the head of the organization mentioned above has been clear about this. Users who choose to use this type of mechanism could be subject to the most severe sanctions.

Using VPN would be counterproductive

Maximiliano Capitanio recently stated that “ Whoever uses VPN is not an unconscious user, but rather knows that he is committing a crime. And, therefore, he risks a fine of up to 5,000 euros .” That is, while those who consume football, or any other content, illegally may not be aware of the illegality they are committing, since until now they have always tried to persecute the redistributing platform, not the end user. , the same would not happen in the case of those who opt for the use of a VPN.

In this case, there would be evidence of the knowledge that it was an illegal act. And, therefore, the exposure to receiving sanctions would be much greater: with fines that, in the Italian case, could reach 5,000 euros.

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